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The combination of Artemether and Lumefantrine is used to treat certain kinds of malaria infections (a serious infection that is spread by mosquitoes ). Artemether and lumefantrine is in a class of medications called antimalarials. It works by killing the organisms that cause malaria.
Artemether is fast acting drug with short half life.Lumefantrine acts slowly and has a longer half life. Artemether rapidly reduces parasite biomass and quiclky resolves clinical symptoms whilst the long acting activity of lumefantrine is thought to prevent recrudesence. This dual effect also appears to reducethe selective pressure on the parasite to develop resistance. The anti malarial activity of the combination of lumefantrine and artemether is highly acceptable with a 95% cure rate against falciparum malaria.

Advantage over Chloroquine plus Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine:
●Antimalarial treatment with artemether & lumefantrine involves the hememediated decomposition of the Endoperoxide Bridge to produce carbon centered free radicals. This involvment of heme explains why this drug combintion is selectively toxic to malarial parasites compared to chloroquine plus sulfadoxine pyrimethamine.
●The parasite clearance time is significantly shorter with artemether lumefantrine(2.08 days, 95% Cl) than chloroquine plus sulfadoxine pyrimethamine(2.9 days, 95% cl).
●The mean fever clearance time is also significantly shorter with artemether-lumefantrine(23.1h,95% Cl) compared with chloroquine plus sulfadoxine -pyrimethamine(40.2 h,95% cl).
●Moreover,gametocyte carriage is lower with artemether-lumefantrine by day 28,day 14 and day 7as compared with chloroquine plus sulfadoxine pyrimethamine.

Advantage over Amodiaquine plus Artesunate:
●There are fewer parasitological failures accomplished in artemether & lumefantrine combined therapy as compared to amodiaquine plus artesunate.
●Moreover,significantly lowered gametocyte carriage with artemether- lumefantrine as compared to amodiaquine plus artisunate makes artemether lumefantrine combination of better choice .
●Fever and paarasite clearance times are significantly shorter with artemether as compared to amodiaquine plus artisunate.

Core Features of Molecule:
●Selective toxicity against malarial parasites especially against P.falciparum.
●Significantly lowered gametocyte carriage as the treatment with this combination therapy proceeds.
●Shorter fever and parasite clearance times than other antimalarial drugs.
●Least proability of resistance development by various malarial strains especially P.falciparum against artemether & lumefantrine combination.