This combination is used to prevent cardiovascular and heart system.They work by inhibiting the nitrosamines formation by its antioxidant’s property.
They protect the healthy cells from getting damage.
They lower the risk of breast cancer.

● Lowers the risk of cancer
● Useful in cardiovascular system

About Composition

Proanthocyanidins is the flavonoid. it increases the strength in people with hypertension and diabetes.
It also reduces the intensity of stomach pain
Proanthocyanidins are the group of polyphenols

Vitamin C:
It is required for the maintenance of the scar tissues and blood vessels, cartilages
It helps to boosts the immune system
It has an antioxidant property thus lowers the risk of cancer.

Side Effects
● Diarrhoea
● Nausea
● Stomach upset
● Vomiting
● Crystals in urine

Contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity.