it is 2nd generation antidepressant drug belongs to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor . It is used for the management of acute depressive disorder , obsessive compulsive disorder . Fluoxetine is used in combination with olanzapine to treat bipolar disorder and resistant depression.

● Used in the treatment of panic disorder (agrophobia).
● Obsessive compulsive disorder.
● Bulimia nervosa.
● Depression

Mechanism of Action
Fluoxetine inhibits the presynaptic neuron reuptake of serotonin by binding with 5HT2 receptor and thus increases the level of the 5-HT in the brain.

Absorption: is is absorbed orally.
Protein binding: it is highly protein bound.
Metabolism: it is metabolized to norfluoxetine and then undergoes glucuronide conjugtion .
Excretion: fluoxetine is excreted via urine .

● Contraindicated in mania
● Contraindicated in people with low sodium level
● In diabetes.

Side Effects
● Headache
● Insomnia
● Dry mouth
● Stomach upset
● Nervousness
● Tremors
● Dizziness

Fluoxetine is store at 15°C to 30°C.